Strategic Solutions for Law Enforcement
Sanford, Olson & Scales,  LLC
At Sanford Olson & Scales LLC, we have decades of experience working within law enforcement agencies and all levels of government. We know first-hand the challenges that police officers, command staff and policy makers face today and we have a proven track record of developing effective strategies to address complex problems.

Data is the key to our success. We help agencies find effective and economical ways to use their own data to develop evidence-based strategies and solutions. By assisting police departments and local governments in the assessment and evaluation of current policies, practices and training, we identify areas for improvement and then craft practical and affordable solutions that can be easily implemented. We are partnered with Seattle University to bring the highest level of scientific research into our projects.

We provide our clients with diagnostic tools for identifying issues, a comprehensive plan of action to resolve problems and the ongoing support needed to ensure continuing success. Our suite of analytical systems includes: the Police Force Analysis System™ (P-FAS), the Police Accountability Analysis System™ (P-AAS), the Police Stop Analysis System™ (P-SAS), and the Police Management Analysis System™ (P-MAS).
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